5 Simple Tips For Lightning Fast PC

Simple Tips For Lightning Fast PCNo matter how old the PC is, you can still make it run faster by following some simple tips regularly. These tips are common for all and is equally applicable to both high and low end systems. You don’t need to take much care for your PC. It can take care of itself, but a periodic tuning is recommended as it is just another electronic device. Follow my tips here and post your performance improvements (if any ;)) in the comments section. Here we go!

1. Update! Update! Update!

when I say update, it is not only windows, but your entire PC including drivers, third party applications and etc. Whenever an update is available for a certain application, you can find some notes like “Issues fixed” which clearly describes the improvements made through that particular update. Not every update is important but most are related to improving performance which cannot be ignored. Updating regularly also improves the compatibility of an application to the current platform. In short, updating regularly your drivers and software increase the performance and life span of the corresponding hardware.

2. Heard about fragmentation..?

Simple Tips for Lightning fast PCI don’t want to get into definitions. You can learn more about it in wiki. In an outline, fragmentation/fragments reduces the capacity of your hard drive, decrease its performance thereby making it inefficient. You might have experienced this, clicking a folder or file on your hard drive, waiting for a few minutes and get a “not responding” status from windows. One of the reasons for this slowness is fragmentation. There is nothing you can do manually to avoid this and there are both free and paid programs which can do it for you. You can analyze the drives, know the levels of fragmentation in each drive and perform defragmentation accordingly. Depending on the size and usage of the hard disk, it may take from minutes to several hours. One of the best and free program for this would be Defraggler from Piriform.

You can get it from here – http://www.piriform.com/defraggler

3. Avoid using multiple programs for same purposes!

I have seen people using too many programs for the same purpose. For example, using VLC, Winamp, Kmplayer, itunes and etc all together in one place while VLC is just enough. I don’t mean to say that Winamp or itunes are useless, but they are just unnecessary if you are already using VLC and vice versa. Choose the programs which you really need and remove other unnecessary applications which would just sit and eat up your memory.

4. Run the essentials

Simple Tips for Lightning fast PCThere are programs which you might really need, but not right now. Even though you are not using them, they might be still running in the background without your knowledge. You can disable them from the start-up programs to avoid cluster. You can also check for the running processes in task manager and end them if you are absolutely sure that they are not needed right now. Instead of doing these manually, you can go for CCleaner which can do it for you in one simple click. With CCleaner, you can enable/disable programs at start-up, delete unused temporary files, scan and fix registry errors, uninstall unnecessary programs and etc. In short, CCleaner is a must have app for every windows user to run a clean and fast PC.

5. Schedule your Antivirus Scan intervals

Simple Tips for Lightning fast PCYou might know it or not, but most antivirus consumes almost the entire physical memory during scan operations. If you attempt to run some other program during that period, you would experience serious slow downs. To avoid this, you can schedule your scan intervals to some time while you won’t be using your PC. This way, you can avoid the clash between two operations and run them both smooth individually.

Even after following all these tips and your PC is still sluggish, you could give it an extra boost by adding some RAM. You can either consult a local technician or your system manufacturer before upgrading the RAM on your PC.

Note :- This article will be updated regularly whenever I find some new and effective tip for speeding up the PC. Your feedback is always appreciated!


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    I can see great tips shared here….When I had a PC I would do everything you mentioned above but not one thing…Updating Windows…Seriously are you kidding…I never used Genuine Windows man :)

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