GeForce GTX TITAN, A Real Beast

GeForce GTX TITANIts been the talk since Nvidia announced the prototype of a 6 GDDR5 GPU back in Jan 2013. Well, now the monster is born and unleashed. Geforce GTX TITAN is currently the fastest running GPU in the world and I’m sure it wouldn’t be replaced any soon. When AMD took the PS4 project, Nvidia mocked it by saying “PS4 is techoutdated, even today” and told it let AMD to make chips for PS4 because it ain’t worth it. The GPU market domination has always changed hands between Nvidia and AMD, the only manufacturers in this sector. So whenever a new GPU is revealed by one of them, the other would bring out a more similar product but with an affordable price to overcome the competition. For instance, when Nvidia announced the GTX 680, AMD was forced to bring out HD 7970 to level the demand. But the release of GTX TITAN has kept AMD fingers crossed and a rivaling product from AMD to this has not yet been announced. TITAN would definitely give NVIDIA a huge gap and advantage in the never ending battle against AMD.


TITAN is powered by GK110 chip under Kepler architecture, yes the one used in some of the fastest supercomputers in the world. In fact, GTX 680 also runs in the same chip but TITAN has the transistor count double that of GTX 680, i.e a staggering 7.1 billion. There is an unfair upgrade in almost every resources including 2688 stream processors (up 75%), 224 texture units (also up 75%) and 48 raster operations (a healthy 50% boost). But you know what, even with all this heavy upgrade in resources, the TITAN is expected to perform only 25 to 50% higher because it is clocked lower than the GTX 680. Funny isn’t it! Nvidia is marketing the card as a hyper-fast solution for extreme gamers with deep pockets, setting the MSRP at a whopping $1,000. But considering the performance, a fair price would be 700 to 750$.



Speaking about performance, you could play almost every demanding games like crysis (1,2 & 3), Battlefield 3, Max payne 3, Hitman absolution, Sleeping dogs and etc..all at maximum settings with a flying fps. Benchmarks by NVIDIA showed crysis 3 running in maximum settings at 1920*1080 (Full HD) with an average fps of 70 which is unimaginable with current single GPU cards. With TITAN, you won’t need an upgrade any soon and could play all the current and upcoming games at the highest settings.


So who should buy it and who shouldn’t..?

Well, that’s not my call exactly but as a tech enthusiast, I could tell who would be benefited mostly from it. You are some serious gamer ready to burn some cash, would like to play demanding games in highest settings with multiple monitors at high resolutions, then go for it. Go! Go!

But if you are a casual gamer (like myself), who would like to play games at some decent settings in a single monitor with a playable frame rate, this is certainly not your type of card. You could buy a whole new Gaming PC (entry level) with the cost for this. One alternative to this monster would be the GTX 780/770 which costs around 400 to 500$ and is good for high definition gaming too.


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