How To Fix Monitor Flickering Issues


Monitor Flickering Issues can be attributed to both hardware and software conflicts. In this post, let us discuss the steps needed for troubleshooting this issue and the appropriate solution. Do read: How To Fix A Blue Screen Of Death Check the display settings of your monitor : This should always be your first step when troubleshooting […]

How To Fix An I/O Device Error In Windows

I/O Device Error

In the series of infamous Windows errors, BSOD tops the list followed by this runner up. I faced this error for the first time during last week when I was trying to update my windows. At first I thought it was a network connection issue, but later when I tried to move some files from […]

Tips To Secure Your Home Wi-Fi Network

Secure Your Home Wi-Fi Network

Securing Wi-Fi is one of the greatest concerns of this Internet era. We can find Wi-Fi networks almost everywhere and its popularity is due to the high portability it offers. With Wi-Fi, you can surf web anywhere at your home without the need of extra long cables. Also, sharing the network takes no time and […]

How To Create & Seed Your Own Torrent Files In μTorrent [Explained]


μTorrent is the most popular BitTorrent client for windows. It follows the peer-peer file sharing protocol developed by Bram Cohen, which uses a swarm of hosts for simultaneous downloads and uploads instead of storing the file in a single source server. This way, large amount of data can be transferred without hassle and in a […]

Looking For A Secure, Serverless Messaging..? Wait For BitTorrent Chat!


BitTorrent, the popular peer-peer file sharing protocol company is keen in deploying its new serverless messaging service, dubbed as BitTorrent Chat. The idea is same as the torrents, i.e no conversation will be logged in any third party server unless the user intend to do it manually. This way, your conversation is highly secure from […]

Block The Annoying Ads On Websites Using Adblock Plus

Using Adblock Plus

Ever visited a website and got some serious eye strains due to the flashing multi-color ads and banners..? If you were such victim, here is an awesome solution for you! Simply install the Adblock Plus extension for your browser and surf the web without annoying ads. So what is Adblock Plus? Adblock Plus is a […]

How To Choose A Graphics Card: Buyer’s Guide

How to choose a Graphics Card

Most of today’s PCs comes packed with an external graphics card. This was not the same case a few years back, when graphics card were so expensive and was not seen as an essential component for day to day computing. Due to less utility, the inbuilt/shared video adapter was suffice that time. But with growing […]